Customised Diet Plan

Irrespective of training, if you don’t adhere to a diet that is aligned with your goals, you’re not optimizing results. It’s not just a case of “eating clean” and hoping for results. To maximize progress you should know exactly what to eat and how much. Arguably more importantly, you should know why you’re eating it beyond just because “it’s good for you”. With my tailored meal plan you will receive everything you need to ensure your diet is structured to perfectly compliment your training and help you reach your goals in as little time possible.

What’s included:

  • Your own personal macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates & fat) and caloric requirements calculated, with a full explanation of how this was done and how to easily track your intake and manage your diet.

  • Complete 7 day meal plan based on caloric and macronutrient requirements specific to you and your fitness goals.

  • Complete flexibility on any foods you want including or omitting.

  • Optional degrees of variance; depending whether you would like to eat something different every meal or would prefer to keep some meals the same to enable you to prepare them in bulk at the start of the week.
  • Full breakdown of the protein, carbohydrate, fat and calorie content of each component of each meal, together with the totals for that meal and for the day.
  • Guidance on how to calculate and adjust your own macros in the future should your goals ever change. This will enable you to set up your own diet with ease, whether you want to build muscle or lose fat.

  • Advice & recommendation on supplements – which to use & when, which are a waste of money etc.

  • 24 hour e-mail support for any questions you have relating to your nutrition for 12 weeks.

If you would like a training programme to go with your meal plan, I offer both for the discounted price of £59.99. Just select the correct option from the drop down list below.

If you have any questions regarding this service, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at

PRICE – £39.99

7 Day Diet Plan

PLEASE READ: Upon purchasing this service, you will receive a ‘client details’ form via e-mail within 24 hours (check junk folder if you do not see this in your inbox). Please complete this to the best of your knowledge to enable me to tailor your plan as accurately as possible. After returning this to me, you will receive your plan and details of check-in schedule etc within 1-4 calendar days.


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